Comedy Marketing Club by SpyFu

Bring your laughing gear to our first-of-a-kind Comedy Marketing Club event hosted at Laugh Boston’s 5,000 square feet comedy center at the Westin.

Enjoy an open bar, New England seafood including “clam chowda” shots, and stand-up comedians followed by karaoke for all with prizes for best, worst, and painful. Power network with new pals, but do avoid shit-faced Shakespeare (bad comedian), who may burden us all with not-so-wise words of wisdom (bad content). No more bad content in 2017!

Even if you’re not a Content Marketing Conference attendee, you can RSVP here to join us!

This very special event is powered by SpyFu, the competitive intelligence platform of choice for tens of thousands of marketing professionals.

Comedian Kelly MacFarland has been a resident cast member of the ImprovBoston National Touring Company since 2014, and most recently won the professional category of Ladies of Laughter 2016.

Dan Crohn was named one of the top 100 comics for Season 9 of Last Comic Standing. His jokes can be heard on XM Radio, and he has been a guest on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron.