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When we say you’ll MASTER the 6 pillars of content marketing at CMC 2021, we mean it. Learn the latest techniques, tactics, strategies, and tools for each pillar in our Content Strategy Certification masterclass, hosted in CMC 365 for learning at your own pace through December 2021!

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I Content Planning
88% of B2B marketers in North America invest in content marketing. Yet only 30% of marketers say their organization is effective at content planning and content strategy.
Read Chapter I1Hour
Summary Planning Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Bonus Planning Videos2Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module I Curriculum8Hours
II Content Creation
The top three content marketing challenges for businesses are producing engaging content (36%), producing enough content (21%), and budget to produce content (20%).
Read Chapter II1Hour
Summary Creation Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Comedy Workshop Video3Hours
Bonus Creation Videos2Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module II Curriculum11Hours
III Content Optimization
At its core, content optimization is all about getting the right content to the right people at the right time to maximize the return from your content marketing investment.
Read Chapter III1Hour
Summary Optimization Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Bonus Optimization Videos2Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module III Curriculum8Hours
IV Content Distribution
Learn the 3 essential content distribution channels: Paid, Owned, and Earned. And discover “Unicorn Marketing” pioneered by instructor Larry Kim.

Read Chapter IV1Hour
Summary Distribution Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Facebook Workshop Video3Hours
LinkedIn Workshop Video3Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module IV Curriculum12Hours
V Content Performance
With so many options to measure success, and fantastic tools and technology to monitor activity, jump in the drivers seat to track performance and deliver on marketing goals..

Read Chapter V1Hour
Summary Performance Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Bonus Performance Videos2Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module V Curriculum8Hours
VI Content Management
We know your budget and resources vary considerably, so we’ve included a guide that covers all the possible content workflow management bases, ranging from solopreneurs to small teams and enterprise solutions.
Read Chapter VI1Hour
Summary Management Video1Hour
Workshop Webinar Video3Hours
Bonus Management Videos2Hours
Resources/Templates Review1Hour
Total Module VI Curriculum8Hours

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Chief Technology Officer

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Liz Willits

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Andy Crestodina

Orbit Media Studios, Inc.

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Ashley Faus

Content Strategy Lead


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