Learn the latest strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools to master the six pillars of content marketing. And explore the intersection of comedy, marketing, and business growth with our signature comedy marketing keynotes.

Wednesday November 9

8 AM – 9 AM Keynotes
9 PM – 12 PM Content Planning
12 PM – 1 PM Keynote
1 PM – 4 PM Content Creation
4 PM – 5 PM Keynotes

Thursday November 10

8 AM – 9 AM Keynotes
9 AM – 12 PM Content Optimization
12 PM – 1 PM Keynote
1 PM – 4 PM Comedy Marketing
Global City Locations

Friday November 11

8 AM – 9 AM Keynote
9 AM – 12 PM Content Distribution
12 PM – 1 PM Keynote
1 PM – 4 PM Content Performance
4 PM – 5 PM Closing Keynote

Content Planning Tuesday April 27th

Tamsen Webster, Live Keynote, 8:00 AM

Tamsen Webster

Pressure Test Your Message

Now more than ever, it's important for your message to be heard. But is it strong enough to withstand whatever is thrown at it? Does it stand out from the crowd? With more than 20 years of working on the big ideas of individu… Read More

Content Creation Tuesday April 27th

Truth or Laughs, LIVE, 4 to 5 PM

“Truth or Laughs?” is a virtual, interactive comedy show where you can win real money. It takes the audience behind-the-scenes of funny stories with hilarious reveals. Hosted by our EMCEE’s for CMC 2021 Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim, “Truth or Laughs?” is an hour-long show composed of four gamify rounds of fun!

Content Optimization Wednesday April 28th
Content Distribution Thursday April 29th

Alexandria Agresta, Live Keynote, 8:00 AM

Alexandria Agresta

Go From Chasing Customers to Them Chasing You

In a digital world full of distraction, crowded news feeds, and 3-second attention spans, we are fighting for each other’s attention and it seems impossible to stand out as a business leader. How do we cut through the noise… Read More

Content Performance Thursday April 29th

Graduation Party, 4 to 5 PM

Earn your personalized Content Strategy Certification badge before the conference ends on April 29th, 2020 and get a 50% discount to CMC 2022. Simply complete the 6 tests to earn your badge, and look for your name on the Graduation list with a link to your personalized completion page to share with the world!

Comedy Wednesday April 28th

Andrew Tarvin, Live Keynote, 12:30 PM

Andrew Tarvin

Now That's Funny: It's All About Your Brand's Personality

Let's face it. The world is overrun with bad, boring content and terribly automated “Hello [firstname]” messages. Brands are struggling to cut through the clutter, and stand out from the pack in creative ways. It's time t… Read More


Learn how to rid the world of all this bad, boring content with our signature Comedy Keynote Series where all the Comedy Keynotes losen up for some entertaining StandUp Comedy performances live!