Storytelling Lessons from 200 Business Book Authors

April 23, 2020, 10:30 am (40 Min)
A book is not a book. It's really more of a stash of engaging content that's stamped with an ISBN number. Whatever you're marketing, there are powerful lessons to learn from book authors that reach millions, like how to package content, promote the value, touch the heart, and reach bloggers, podcasters, and media in droves. D ive into this case study of biz book authors to learn how to turn books into big-time businesses, and how their strategies can help you with your content marketing efforts and personal brand.

Attend this session to learn all this, and more:

•The three qualities that make powerful ideas spread: big, new, and right
•How to create a content fountain that generates a regular flow of new ideas
•How to turn data and case studies into compelling stories
•How to attract media attention and funnel it into your business
•Which social media tactics authors like best -- and which are most effective