Scoring Content: The Secret to Content Strategy and Performance

April 22, 2020, 11:20 am (40 Min)
What should you do if your content's quality and performance score is a C+ or worse? Crafting content and optimizing content experience starts with understanding not just HOW but the WHY content performs well. Take, for example, long-form content that falls way short of lead-gen expectations, despite being optimized to perfection, backed with authority, and amplified in the all the channels to catch fans orbiting at high speeds. 

Attend this session to learn the "scoring" elements you need for performance-driven content that delivers on the results you demand, offering the insights you need to consider to connect with the target audience and journey stage:

•              Score your content in a way that helps diagnose the cause of poor performance

•              Leverage content evaluation tools to enhance your content scorecard

•              Adapt your content to improve its score 


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