How to Brand Your Product, Service or Yourself like a Stand-Up Comedian

April 19, 2019, 9:00 am (55 Min)
To stand out from the pack of competition,  brands need a cohesive, multi-channel strategy with an "original something" that's deeply authentic with a clear purpose and value that cannot be found elsewhere. Turns out the same goes for successful stand-up comedians, most all of which have well defined, original voices. To achieve success, they both need to go through a long and introspective process to unlock why they are unique and how to their going to keep winning fans and avoiding bombs.

In this fun and informational session, comedian and branding expert Leigh Kessler will tap secrets of stand-up comedians like Carlin, Seinfeld, Friendlander, Ansari and more to inspire you to find and communicate your brand’s unique and authentic self. You'll track along the journey from open mic to headliner to breakout star, and apply the best tactics to make your brand memorable long after customers pass you buy.

Gallop away with three essentials you can put to work:

•Find Your Voice (Authenticity): Understand how to authentically differentiate your product/services' unique value
•Communicate your USP (Specificity:  Specificity is universal, generality is not relatable. Learn how to identify and communicate "Specific" details about your capabilities that audiences will relate to the most
•Break Thru (Originality):  Understand why the most successful brands (products, services and comedians) breakthrough in their markets/sector


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