An Introduction to the Marketing Technology Stack

April 18, 2019, 10:30 am (40 Min)
In every industry, marketing technology stacks are growing in size and complexity as
more products are deployed and integrated, and multiple teams throughout the
organization embrace marketing technology to drive revenue and support of digital
transformation initiatives. Today, it’s not unusual to see companies using more than 100
different marketing tools at any one time. With a need to integrate many of those tools,
marketing stacks now look more like jigsaw puzzles than a tower of discrete building
blocks. As a result, building and managing the marketing technology stack has become
a tremendous challenge for many organizations.
Leveraging the insights gleaned from hundreds of marketing technology stacks and
marketing stack experts this session will cover the process of building and managing a
marketing technology stack and the language and information that every marketer needs
to know. 


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