Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor

April 18, 2019, 2:50 pm (40 Min)
Conversion optimization is part psychology, part usability, part statistics, and part design. But at the crux of creating optimized content for conversion and an overall better user experience is gaining a deeper understanding of your site visitor and the reader of your content. In this session, we will explore the quantitative and qualitative tools and tips to extract visitor motivations, needs, wants, and behaviors in order to create better content and a better website experience.

In this session you will learn

•How to conduct better qualitative research to extract useful information
•Identifying the big “ask” and question of specific visitor behavior you want to uncover
•How to build a story and timeline to understand how/what visitors use your product or service for
•How to use that information to create a better website experience