Keynote: Ron Tite

April 18, 2019, 8:30 am (30 Min)
The Death of Content Marketing. The Rise of the Content Marketer.

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the phrase, “Content Marketing” getting sucked out of the room. No, it wasn’t just drowned out by the latest buzzwords dominating the marketing landscape, it was completely removed from the marketer’s tool belt. Yup. Like many before it, “Content Marketing” has been given the pink slip(along with a pat on the pack, a 2 week severance package, and an all-staff email that ends with, “we wish you well in your future endeavors”).

Let’s face it, the worlds of content and advertising - once staunchly kept separate -have now been unified. Everything’s an ad. Everything’s content. And the discipline that bridged the two worlds is no longer required. Thanks for everything. And don’t let the door hit you in the white paper on your way out.

Now you - the content marketer - you need to stay. There’s a bright future ahead for you. Transitioning to a single, unified world with one master process across a growing number of type of media won’t be easy. While the conventional brand marketers will be trying to untangle fuzzy metrics, programmatic media buys, and agency partners desperate for revenue, it’s actually your experience that will win the day.

Consumers used to vote with their wallets. Now they vote with their time. And only the content marketing professional who has been trained in winning that battle can help brands thrive in the new merged reality.

This humorous and insightful session will outline the simplified approach you must learn and the traits you must keep to be successful. 


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