Twitter: Advanced Optimizing Tactics

April 17, 2019, 2:00 pm (40 Min)
Twitter provides significant value for companies and personal brands online in search results, but only if leveraged effectively. When your brand is searched-upon, does your Twitter profile rank prominently on page one? Tweets can also get indexed by Google and can rank in search results for brand names and keywords. Attend this session to eliminate the guesswork and hone in on tactics to get your presence in search results and the Twitterverse boosted.

Attend this advanced session to learn how...

•Google crawls, interprets and ranks content within Twitter. 
•Followers and likes affect search rankings.
•Your Twitter profile can be optimized for rankings.
•Your Tweets can be optimized to boost distribution and ranking.
•Your Twitter carousel will magically appear in Google search.
•Leverage content within Twitter to influence Google rankings.
This session will help you become much more sophisticated with your Twitter efforts.