How (and Why) to Write a Business Book

April 18, 2019, 1:00 pm (50 Min)
A business book is the most powerful form of content marketing. Publishing a book could catapult your career and confirm your status as a leading expert and authority. But without a recipe for success, the process will suck up your time and energy, and then fizzle rather than skyrocket on launch. Attend this session to learn the systematic way to improve your chances of success and start acting like an author. From the author of 6 books -- and midwife to countless others.

•Learn the fundamental book publishing roadmap that's required for success.
•The one question that determines if it makes sense for you to write a book.
•How to research, structure, and write a book your audience can't resist.
•The tradeoffs in traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid models.
•Book promotion secrets from successful authors.