How Music can Shape Perception, Builds Fans and Drive Marketing Goals

April 18, 2019, 2:00 pm (40 Min)
Music captivates our attention, to the tune of an average 35.7 hours per week. And brands are catching on, spending billions to explore how music can augment a story, shape perception, motivate action, boost loyalty and propel the brand in exciting, powerful ways. Turns out it's not only established brands that are making a loud noise to attract attention, augment stories and delivering on marketing goals. Small business is joining the dance floor too. Learn how you can write the script for success by creating, curating and integrating music into your content marketing plan.

Attend this session to learn how to...

•Create sonic identities & brand anthems.
•Amplify brand campaigns, assets and messaging.
•Boost engagement with podcasts and live-stream.
•Curate new releases and new artists.
•Develop Playlist s for targeted audiences.
•View Music as editorial content.
•Integrate e the right music into videos.
•Tap live music events for brand plays.
•Contract artist partnerships.


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