Content optimization is about much more than a handful of strategically placed keywords. It’s about keyword clusters. User intent. Knowing your competitors. And sometimes even veering away from traditional keyword research in favor of the latest approach.

Those are just a few of the content marketing topics covered at this year’s Content Marketing Conference. And what a conference it is, indeed! 

#CMC2021 delivers a double dose of content intelligence, with on-demand learning you can start immediately, along with fresh sessions running from April 27 to 29. 

Don’t miss the content optimization lineup on Wednesday, April 28. 

  • Content optimization keynote Andy Crestodina takes the virtual stage at 8 a.m.
  • Content optimization sessions run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Get tips from the top content optimization wizards in the land. 

Daniel Russell: Mastering Searcher Intent

Daniel Russell | COO | Go Fish Digital

Daniel Russell is the COO at the award-winning agency Go Fish Digital, where he has worked with the world’s largest organizations and well-known public figures to build their brands online. His innovative strategies cover nearly all digital platforms, from improving Yelp scores to creating new sales channels through social media. In the past year alone, Daniel’s work has hit the front page of Reddit, earned the number one spot on YouTube, and has been featured in multiple publications. He is also a licensed attorney.

Session: How to Optimize for Searcher/User Intent

The biggest brands with the biggest budgets, best tools, and biggest teams really NAIL it when it comes to user intent. Attend this session to learn how the big dogs like Amazon, The Home Depot, and Allstate make the optimization magic happen—so you can replicate the hacks, tricks, and techniques for your small business or agency.

Learn all this and more:

  • Why searcher intent is the future of content and SEO.
  • The changes Google is making to its algorithm that will change how we make content.
  • How to track content changes on industry leading (and competitor) websites.
  • How to tell if website updates are deliberately guided by data or just run-of-the-mill.
  • What you can do today to start learning from your competitors and the leaders of your industry.

Tools you’ll be diving into include:

  • Optimizely.
  • Hotjar.
  • An unreleased proprietary tool you’ll be able to access!

Bernard Huang: Killing Off Traditional Keyword Research

Bernard Huang | Co-founder |

Bernard Huang is the co-founder at Clearscope, an AI-powered content optimization tool for SEO. Prior to that, Bernard was the co-founder of the SEO consulting agency Mushi Labs, as well as the SEO point of contact for 500+ startups.

Session: The Future of SEO Content Starts With the Death of Classic Keyword Research

More details coming soon! 

Michal Suski: Creating Keyword Clusters

Michal Suski | Co-founder | SurferSEO

A digital marketer with a love for SEO, Michał Suski co-founded SurferSEO and has been evangelizing the product and data-driven approach to optimization content at scale. He has trained hundreds of SEOs, copywriters, and marketers over the years on the full spectrum of search marketing. Tactics range from on-page SEO to content optimization, along with the use of AI to perform SEO magic.

Session: How to Create Custom Keyword Clusters and Map Out Months of Topics

Good news. The next generation of keyword research is far less boring, with keyword clusters emerging like stars in the sky. Machine learning algorithms are leading the way, quickly surfacing fresh topic ideas that will appeal to your readers and fans. Learn the latest tactics for keyword research, topic selection, and content optimization.

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Tap open-source python scripts used in science.
  • Create a custom keyword clustering algorithm.
  • Pinpoint the right keywords to target for content optimization.
  • Optimize content efficiently using AI-powered tools.

Manick Bhan: Fun With Ranking Factors

Manick Bhan | Founder, CTO | LinkGraph

Manick Bhan is the founder and CTO of LinkGraph, an award-winning mission-driven SEO and digital marketing agency. He is also the creator, founder, and CEO of the SearchAtlas SEO software suite. For this growth hacker, data scientist, and skilled programmer, SEO is both his greatest passion and life’s work. With 10+ years of experience with in-house and agency SEO, Manick has taught companies how to scale with a data-driven SEO strategy that can break into any market and outrank the biggest competitors.

Session: SEO Is Math, Not Magic: Add Up the Ranking Factors That Matter Most in Your Industry

Google’s search algorithms use hundreds of metrics to score search results and provide searchers with the highest-quality results. But did you know those factors vary from industry to industry and even keyword to keyword? It all depends on the intent behind the question. 

With the help of machine learning and powerful computing, learn how to reverse-engineer Google’s ranking algorithm for any keyword. This lets you identify, test, and iterate on select factors to start outranking your competition and break onto the first page for high-value keywords in your niche.

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Use competitor analysis to develop your content strategy.
  • Optimize content for semantic richness and content-quality signals.
  • A/B test on-page optimizations using Google Search Console data.
  • Redeploy your strategy for other landing pages on your website.

Tools discussed and showcased include:

  • Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer.
  • LinkGraph’s SEO Content Optimizer.
  • Google Search Console and GSC Insights.

Scott Kolbe: Optimization Tips You Need to Know

Scott Kolbe | Marketing Advisor | Market Your Craft

Scott Kolbe empowers owners and managers to grow sales using high-performance brand marketing. His passion for storytelling is contagious, sharing 20+ years of experience working with companies like Jim Beam, Oakley, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. He’s also an expert on best practices for standing out in a crowded market with digital, social, public relations, and events. 

Session: How to Rebuild Your Brand With COVID-19 Insights

Chances are likely that you spent last year following one of these brand positions: Business as usual, customer-hyperfocus, or duck and cover. With the new year here and optimism on the horizon, now is the time to learn from the past and map out your future content and brand strategy.

Attend this session to learn how to consistently create value-add content to engage customers and accelerate your brand growth organically—the content marketing way!

Attend this session to learn how to: 

  • Refresh your content strategy.
  • Re-activate your social engagement.
  • Advertise without super-sized budgets.
  • Empower customer service.
  • Unleash public relations.

Session: How to Map Out Content Topics for Months in Advance

More details coming soon!

Session: How to Research Competitors Using Advanced Tools

Marketers don’t spend much time following the competition, for good reasons. But prospect customers are doing just that, assessing how your brand stacks up against your competitors. Attend this session to take the bull by the horns and learn how to measure your storytelling index and brand discoverability with new tools and tactics. 

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Identify your competitive mindshare.
  • Create a template for [objective] review.
  • Measure storytelling index and brand discoverability.
  • Pit competitors head-to-head.
  • Build momentum rather than resentment.

Session: How to Optimize Content for Sensitive Readers

We’ve learned quite a bit in this last crazy year. And brands need to scale content more intelligently to sensitive customers depending on the complexity, journey stage, or “situation” that surfaces out of thin air. Learn how to flex your content planning, map out the hot topics at scale, and optimize all your content to engage the “new” searcher and reader in this new age.

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Map out content topics intelligently.
  • Flex content styles for sensitive situations.
  • Balance scheduled content versus “hallmark” events.
  • Leverage “What happened on this day” content.

Michael Johnson: Top Ranking Secrets

Michael Johnson

Bio info coming soon! 

Session: Be Feared and Loved: Ranking Content the Office Way

If you’re a content marketer AND fan of “The Office” series, you’ll want to tune into this session to learn how to orchestrate keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building in a new way. You’ll learn the pitfalls of why brands simply can’t get their content to rank and stand out from the pack of low-performing content. Learn how to create content that is feared by your competition, and loved by Google.

Attend this session to learn how to: 

  • Smarten your keyword research to inform your content strategy.
  • Improve on-page optimization to boost search performance.
  • Earn quality backlinks with the secret sauce used by the pros.

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