Every brand knows they need video, but getting started with video and consistently producing quality, relevant video content is easier said than done. CMC’s video experts – Renee Teeley, Justin Andrews, Meaghan Corson, Tyler Lessard, and Glenn Hughes – show you how it’s done with a number of helpful sessions that cover everything from planning your videos and finding the right topics and content to cover to producing effective videos that convert, even on a budget.

Below, we’ve put together a quick recap of each session so that you can easily find the sessions that will help you most. In these sessions, you’ll find some tactical tips that you can start putting to work for your business today.

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How to Grow Your Personal Brand to Build Your Influence and Gain Credibility

Renee Teeley

Renee Teeley HeadshotBuilding your personal brand is about finding ways to serve others, and it doesn’t have to feel gross or smarmy. Whether seeking clients or a new job, personal branding opens new doors and helps you to reach more people. Finding your specific niche is best done by identifying the intersection between your passion, market opportunities, and skill set. Then, you’ll want to consider how you want people to feel about your personal brand. In How to Grow Your Personal Brand to Build Your Influence and Gain Credibility, Renee Teeley discusses how you can get started building your personal brand, determine the right niche, and creating a feeling and experience with your personal brand. You’ll also learn how to leverage a video series to reach your target audience, get your first speaking opportunity, and even find industry professionals for collaborations.


Criando conteúdo autêntico para construir sua marca

Justin Andrews

Justin Andrews HeadshotYou don’t need a big production company to create great online videos. The key is to move away from transactional content that’s disconnected from your audience to more authentic video content that reflects your culture, mission, and values. In Criando conteúdo autêntico para construir sua marca, Justin Andrews shares his secrets to finding authenticity through curation, experimentation, and ideation with your team – which is the foundation of a great video that performs. In this session, you’ll learn how to understand what your customers want and curate more compelling stories for this audience. You’ll also find out how to filter for the fascination with stories and turn those stories into compelling video content.



Faça sua marca pessoal decolar com vídeo

Meaghan Corson

Meaghan Corson HeadshotIt’s challenging to bring your personal and business brand together in your marketing videos. You need to balance selling with authenticity. In Faça sua marca pessoal decolar com vídeo, Meaghan Corson helps you pinpoint video production pain points and best practices to help you bring it all together. After this session, you’ll be able to create effective video content because you’ll know the 3 keys to being great on camera, understand how to create results-focused videos, and have a video content planning template that will help you map out your strategy. This session is for content creators, video makers, agency professionals, and influencers who want to learn how to fill their content calendars with amazing video content while adopting a flawless video workflow.



6 Proven Ways to Use Video to Level-Up Digital and Content Marketing

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard HeadshotNot sure where to get started with video or how video really fits into the B2B buyer’s journey? If you want to evolve your digital marketing, thought leadership, and audience engagement programs, you’re going to need to leverage the superpowers of video. Luckily, Tyler Lessard of Vidyard knows a lot about that. In 6 Proven Ways to Use Video to Level-Up Digital and Content Marketing, Tyler helps you better understand how you can use video to engage, education and convert B2B audiences. You’ll walk away from this session with a clearer understanding of the sweet spots for video marketing in B2B marketing, practical ideas for where to start and how to evolve your video content strategy to maximize ROI, and how to make video an impactful part of digital, social, content, and demand gen marketing programs.



Vídeo para smartphone: baixo orçamento e alto desempenho

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes HeadshotIt’s no secret that video is a great way to reach your audience in the busy digital marketplace. But not every business has the resources to invest in full-scale production. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a big production budget to create effective video content. In Vídeo para smartphone: baixo orçamento e alto desempenho, Glenn Hughes shows you how to put the power of smartphone video production to work for your business in a more authentic and believable way at a fraction of the cost. In this session, Glenn will share topics to get started and make you the hero of your video, secrets for planning that will make a big difference, and tips to overcome anxiety and nervous energy. As a bonus, you’ll also get some suggestions for low-budget gear that will help you achieve high-quality production.



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