Looking to shake up your content marketing strategy with new tactics? Get inspiration from the sessions in the CMC 2020 Innovation track. These sessions cover a range of innovative techniques from experiential content and conversational marketing to challenging our ideas of branding and focusing on context. Learn from content marketing experts Ryan Brown, Mark Kliens, Nicola Smith, Christopher S. Penn, and Mathew Sweezey. Below, you’ll find some quick recaps of each session from CMC 2020’s Innovation track with links to each individual video.

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Beyond Storytelling: Using Experiential Content to Craft Digital Brand Experience

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown HeadshotAdvanced digital tools allow us to understand our target audience more clearly than ever before while personalizing messages at scale for better performance. But “content experience” is the driver for marketing success, which is crafted with insights from data. In Beyond Storytelling: Using Experiential Content to Craft Digital Brand Experience, Ryan Brown will who you how to keep creativity in balance using the core elements of experiential content learned from top-performing assets. You’ll learn to flex your creativity and create the kind of experiences that take your brand ahead of the competition and deliver 2-10x the content marketing performance.



The Rise of Conversational Marketing: Why It’s Everywhere and How to Get Started

Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens HeadshotThe way that many companies have been approaching sales and marketing was perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists. Today, buyers have all the power, and the brands that make it easiest to buy, win. That’s why conversational marketing was created – to cultivate a real-time, personal buying experience that many customers have come to expect. In The Rise of Conversational Marketing: Why It’s Everywhere and How to Get Started, Mike Kilens shows you how chatbots can help you take a more personalized approach to marketing that results in significantly shorter sales cycles that deliver on your marketing goals. In this session, you’ll learn how to get started with chatbots, how to generate leads 24/7/365, and how to craft targeted messages to connect buyers and sellers quickly.



Breaking the Rules: How Brave Brands are Challenging the Status Quo

Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith HeadshotMost people learn from a very young age not to break the rules. And most content marketers have been taught to learn from and follow the tried and true methods that have brought companies success in the past. However, in an age of rapid business disruption, breaking the rules may just be the best way to not just survive but thrive. In Breaking the Rules: How Brave Brands are Challenging the Status Quo, Nicola Smith takes a look at how brave brands are deliberately and strategically breaking the rules or convention of their industries to differentiate their brands in the marketplace while finding new customer segments, optimizing marketing initiatives and spend, and driving more meaningful customer engagements.



5 Practical Applications of AI for Content Marketing

Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn HeadshotAI helps us deepen our understanding of buyer behavior with machine learning and language analysis. But how can content marketers put these insights to work to change what they do and how they do it? In 5 Practical Applications of AI for Content Marketing, Christopher S. Penn covers the latest shortcuts that help transform your business into a content marketing powerhouse using next-generation tools. After attending this session, you’ll have a better understanding of how investing in AI can change your content marketing landscape. Learn to find writers with the tone and style that aligns with your brand, discover topics that are worth writing about, direct writers to hot topics that support performance goals, determine the length of content and elements required for success, and more.



Context: The Next Marketing Frontier Right in Front of Us

Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey Headshot In a digital age where customers shape their own experiences, how do you break through the marketing noise and motivate them to buy? In Context: The Next Marketing Frontier Right in Front of Us, Mathew Sweezey addresses this question and more. Born out of research looking at over 16,000 global brands in B2B and B2C spaces, Sweezey has found the #1 key trait of high-performing marketing organizations – marketing doesn’t just create messages, it owns and sustains all brand experiences. In this session, you’ll discover how and why context matters and how you can successfully operate in this new marketing landscape.



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