When content marketing innovators speak—especially award-winning strategists with three decades of success in the biz—we listen. At least, anyone involved in the digital development and marketing processes wanting to stay industry relevant or boost revenue will be all ears. Sound like you? Then, you won’t want to miss out on the wit and wisdom of Pamela Muldoon at her breakout session ‘The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year’ at the Content Marketing Conference 2020 in Boston.

About Pamela Muldoon’s Impressive Three Decade Career

While she currently serves as the Senior Consultant and Content Strategist at The Pedowitz Group, Pamela Muldoon has been a constant force in the marketing industry for almost 30 years. She began her incredible journey as a marketing copywriter in radio broadcasting before progressing into positions working in sales and marketing with major financial brands like ING and Prudential Insurance.

For the past decade, Ms. Muldoon has also focused on embracing the digital marketing experience, doing voiceover work and Podcasting. Her credits include serving as the Podcast Network Director for Content Marketing Institute where she headed up hundreds of interviews with professional contributors from Content Marketing NEXT and Content Marketing 360. Over the years, she has racked up awards and accolades including being named one of 2017s Top 40 Most Inspiring People in Lead Generation from SLMA in addition to being tapped as one of the Top 50 Content Marketing Women the same year.

Her massive experience puts her ‘in the know’ when it comes to the evolution of content consumption and creation. Her versatility and commitment to staying on the cusp of the industry has permitted her to help major companies ensure such that their content across the board—from commercials and voice ads to internet and web copy—effectively embraces each client’s needs to produce tangible results. Learn her tricks and tips of the trade at the CMC 2020 during her session, ‘O método de estratégia de conteúdo que você gostaria de ter no ano passado.’

Discover the Content Strategy You Wish You Had Last Year From an Expert

Is your 2020 campaign ready to make epic waves this year? Due to the continual evolution and expansion of technology and the ever-changing needs and wants of audiences, it’s important to understand which content strategy predictions for 2020 can affect you most. This informative and engaging 40 minute session features marketing rock star Pamela Muldoon sharing effective content and media strategies that are likely to have the greatest positive impact over the next few years.

She understands exactly the most effective ways to achieve measurable results, boost ROI, generate solid leads and get clients further into the funnel without sacrificing content quality or creating campaigns that go unnoticed. Ms. Muldoon has also mastered art of making content creation fun and exciting as opposed to a mere obligation, and she’ll offer valuable tips on how to get in that state of mind and on the right track simultaneously. While the session seems short, it’s packed with a wealth of content strategy information concerning:

  • The creation of buyer personas.
  • Developing a lead generation strategy.
  • Understanding the buyer’s journey to drive them deeper into the funnel.
  • Developing engaging content for target audiences for every state of the journey.
  • Content auditing.
  • Incorporating effective digital and audio into campaign efforts.
  • Prioritizing efforts based on realistic resources.

So, if you’re in the market for a stronger marketing campaign that’s actually effective and fun, be sure to register for CMC 2020 and attend ‘The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year’ on April 22, 2020 at 3:00 pm.

Stephanie L. began her writing efforts seven years ago for extra income while pursuing a Masters in Social Work. Because the work is enjoyable and is an exceptional way to continue learning about new subjects, she now pursues writing full-time as opposed to utilizing her degree. Her writing experience encompasses a broad spectrum of articles, essays, blogs, brochures, web content, email copy, product descriptions and business promotions. With the ability to seamlessly insert keywords and a passion for thorough research of every topic pursued, Stephanie is only happy with her work when her clients are.