If your content doesn’t perform, you won’t get the results you’re seeking. We’ve got the formulas and speakers to get your gears turning and your strategies working. Tom Shapiro’s session on 5 Insights on Content Effectiveness Learned from 300 B2B Websites gives you the lowdown on what makes content perform beyond your wildest dreams. From the top 5 elements of content effectiveness, to identifying and resolving roadblocks, you’ll walk away understanding what to do and how to do it. The CEO of Stratabeat, Tom’s known for developing strong marketing strategies that focus on neuromarketing, psychology and behavioral science. That means he shows you how to understand your customers to write content that converts.

Wait – you thought that was it? Ayat Shukalry’s presenting 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Visitors. No, it’s not some serious incantation that puts your visitors in a trance, but it is a formula that consistently gets you the win. The co-founder of Invesp and co-author of “Conversion Optimization,” Ayat helps understand how to conduct better qualitative research to extract the information you need while identifying the big “ask.” You’ll learn how to build a story and timeline to determine what and how your visitors are using your product or service while leveraging this information to create better website experiences. A proven expert on marketing strategy, Ayat’s bringing the secret sauce on how she helps create websites that her clients fall in love with while increasing their sales. Who doesn’t want to know what their audience is thinking? It’s the only way you’re going to deliver the right content that performs the way you want it to.

No More Wondering WHY

What’s the purpose of creating great content if you don’t know how it’s performing? While it’s true that everything isn’t for everyone, when you’ve got great content people show up. The best way to accomplish this is by creating content that performs. If anyone knows about content and how it affects the audience, it’s Byron White. He’ll be heading up a tool talk on Content Strategy where content strategists will demonstrate in real-time the tools and technology they use to help with successful content performance. If you’ve ever wondered if you could figure out how to tap into the mindset of your target audience or create content that keeps your website active, you can’t miss these sessions. It’s time to get 2020 vision and get results that add to the bottom line.

At the conference, there’s something for everyone – everything you thought you wanted to learn about and the things you just realized you needed to know about. When you leave, you’ll have a great foundation to build on what you’ve learned and absolutely crush it! WriterAccess knows what it takes to make your content sing AND dance. It’s time you learned too. Have you registered for the conference yet? It’s an experience you’ll wish you never missed. Don’t miss it! There’s a ticket with your name on it. We’ll see you in Boston!

Allaire W. has over twenty years experience in the Marketing, Literary and Communications industries. A versatile writer, she has a strong background in creating clear and concise content for articles, blogs, white papers, case studies, web copy, press releases and e-books. She has worked in a variety of fields, including a stint at a major publishing house as an editor. A published author, she currently teaches marketing and writing classes to extend her love of education to others.