Content creation and management are some of the core tenets of marketing. Whether in written form, video or audio file, making content that’ll engage the intended audience is necessary to push them down the purchase funnel. But what about the pieces that go into creating and managing the content? As any marketer knows, getting the job done usually requires tools that don’t speak to each other along with a calendar, back and forth emails, and project management software to keep everyone on the same page. Because of the lack of integration, multiple logins, and manual updates, content management becomes hard to manage. While there still isn’t one tool to rule them all, there are platforms marketers can take advantage of that can enable them to streamline their workflows and get great content out faster. 

HubSpot: The Online Presence Creator

There are a number of reasons why HubSpot is a leader in the industry today. From its customizable dashboard that’s easy to navigate to its ability to help grow and sustain audience metrics, HubSpot has solidified its spot in the marketing stack. Excellent for landing page creation, SEO management, and blogging, this platform has what you need to build up a sustainable presence online, all while keeping costs down. Their flexible (and free) plans offer a range of benefits depending on the size and needs of your business. Aside from being a great tool for building content, HubSpot gives you the tools needed to track performance and blast out to multiple social media platforms. 

Percolate: The Scalable Enterprise Master 

With an enterprise mindset, Percolate is an awesome tool for larger sized businesses. By eliminating content roadblocks with email automation, data-driven insights and the ability to integrate with other CRM and CMS platforms, Percolate gives content marketers the flexibility to scale as needed. With growth in mind, this platform handles larger initiatives with ease, housing all of the content production workflow in a centralized place. No more missed deadlines, unassigned tasks or forgotten assets. Percolate clarifies what needs to be done, when and by whom in a cohesive way. With a built-in content library, you can quickly grab any image, video or audio file you need in a moment’s notice. 

Optimizely: The Personalization Platform

Personalization continues to be a driving force in what makes content successful and with Optimizely, you can curate the perfect website experience for your target audience. With customer behavior tracking and predictive analytics, this platform provides the customization needed to attract your intended audience. Using its API, Optimizely easily integrates with other platforms for seamless automation and tracking. Its behavioral audience tracking recommends specific audiences for certain campaigns based on browsing behavior and purchase intent. Even better, Optimizely tracks important metrics like previous conversions to predict which piece of content will resonate most with your audience, and when. 

Asana: The Project Management Staple 

While there are multiple project management tools available, Asana has been perfecting its platform for over a decade, giving it the upper hand when it comes to meeting content marketing needs. With multiple integrations like Litmus and Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana becomes an essential tool for all steps in the marketing and creative process. From approving items, assigning tasks, proofing, and monitoring the overall progress, teams of all sizes can benefit from Asana’s collaborative dashboard. A platform made with alignment in mind, Asana streamlines your workflow, replacing confusion with crystal clear focus. 

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Content marketing professional with 7+ years of copywriting and client satisfaction experience. Developing engaging content for product and retention initiatives, Martina A. has driven efforts that strengthen brand awareness, reduce churn and expand internal communication flows. Alongside this, she develops guidelines for ongoing marketing projects and help articles for customers learning new platforms and features. Always open to new projects, Martina seeks out opportunities where she can contribute work to publications looking for fresh, relatable content that is memorable, shareable and has the ability to capture the attention spans of youth today.