Lindsay Marder

Digital Strategy Boot Camps 
Lindsay Marder is DigitalMarketer's Managing Editor. Lindsay manages DigitalMarketer's content strategy, blog, editorial team, and Faculty program. In the past 12 months, Lindsay has generated over seven million unique sessions for the DigitalMarketer blog. She also has a publishing background, and has assisted in the ghostwriting, editing, and publishing of over 75 books in 50 different markets. 


April 22, 2020, 1:00 pm ( 40 Min)
If you’re still playing by the content marketing rules of yesteryear, expect your audience to forget about you. The game has changed, and so must your strategy. In this session we’ll look at how businesses should approach content marketing in 2019 (and beyond) and 7 different brands leading the way with creatively crafted content marketing efforts that make them unforgettable to their audiences — and how you can swipe their strategy to adapt for your own. 
You’ll leave this room with your gears turning and a definitive outlook on...
•What’s been working for you (and your time)
•What you can do away with in your strategy
•A plan on how to create a content marketing strategy for every part of your customer journey
•How to create repeat customers and loyal fans on the right platforms for your business 

April 22, 2020, 1:50 pm ( 40 Min)
Your content is competing for attention against the ever-growing avalanche of articles, videos, and podcasts published every second of every day. Getting free traffic from search engines like Google is a big challenging. Until now. It all starts by creating content that truly deserves attention. And that requires a bit of research developing an SEO magnet. In this session, you'll learn how to build an SEO Magnet that generates free traffic, drives leads and generates revenue, again and again. And you'll learn the "Zero Page" process perfected over the years with multiple brands and clients. 


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