Debra Jasper

Founder, CEO 
Mindset Digital 
Mobile, custom, fast and easy. That's what it takes to meet the demands of today's digital consumer. That's why Mindset Digital Founder and CEO Debra Jasper is passionate about helping leaders tell powerful micro stories and compete in a world of AI, charming chatbots and more.

In 2018, Debra was named by EY as one of the top 12 Entrepreneurial Women in North America. An international speaker, Debra has given keynotes in more than a dozen countries, from the Global Internet Conference in Australia to Sweden’s Schibsted Academy and the Ukrainian Council of Ministers. Debra and her firm have provided training for more than 150,000 professionals in Fortune 100 firms around the world—illustrating how to break through the noise and capture attention in a digital age.

Before launching her digital transformation firm, Debra:

• directed Ohio State's Kiplinger Program in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, where she launched the first social media fellowship for journalists in the world—working with CNN, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other top newsrooms
• spent more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, covering presidential campaigns and government—and producing in-depth, investigative projects that spurred new laws and reforms
• earned two degrees in journalism, along with a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from Ohio State (she wrote her dissertation on the art of powerful micro storytelling) 


April 16, 2019, 1:00 pm ( 4.0 Hours)
In this half-day workshop, discover how using the principles of “short, organized and skimmable” helps you get faster responses and get more done. 

We'll help your teams:

•Understand new expectations: Learn what it takes to reach hyper-distracted clients—and colleagues
•Overcome the Three Curses: Discover how insider knowledge and jargon stand between you and your audience
•Learn new approaches: Practice new techniques through hands-on games and exercises
•Get more done: See how clear writing and calls to action reduce workload and improve productivity 

April 17, 2019, 8:50 am ( 60 Min)
You Have 8 Seconds—Go! Competing in a Connected World

Mobile, custom, fast and easy. That's what it takes to break through the noise and do business in a digital age. But simply recognizing this isn’t enough. You need to understand what smart content marketers are doing to earn attention and loyalty leverage SOS to communicate with clarity and impact, save time, and drive action with ARC. tell powerful micro stories (don’t just be a better storyteller, craft a better story)q get ready for what’s coming next (AI, charming bots, emotion analytics and more)To survive, content marketers need to adapt. We’ll help your teams “connect the dots” and take advantage of new technologies and approaches that lead to breakthrough results.