LinkedIn—The Latest Paid, Organic and Influencer Strategies

April 17, 2019, 1:00 pm (50 Min)
LinkedIn was once seen as a place to post your resume and find a job. Today, with over 600 million users and new features being launched monthly, LinkedIn has turned into the world's largest and most effective social network for B2B content marketing in the world. But building your personal or business brand simultaneously can be tricky, with readers orbiting at high speeds and paid advertising tactics seemingly expensive and difficult to perfect. This session changes all that, offering the latest and greatest tactics and techniques to fully tap this channel and get the mindshare and market reach you need for content marketing success.

AJ will cover the latest Linked In Ads and targeted promotion: 

•Tips to ace your strategy before you pay to play
•Hacks to save money and pinpoint qualified leads
•When to opt out of Ad campaigns that don’t convert
Josh and Michaela will cover the organic and influencer side, including:

•What kind of content performs well on LinkedIn, and what doesn't
•How the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to use it get your content to go viral
•3 things you must fix on your LinkedIn profile before you create your first content
•How to build a personal brand foundation for long term success