Josh Steimle

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Josh Steimle is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has written over 200 articles for publications like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Time, and is the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work: How Top Marketers Build Customer Loyalty. Steimle is a TEDx speaker and has presented at conferences like ClickZ Live, Adtech, Social Media Week. He is also the founder and CEO of MWI, a digital marketing firm he founded in 1999 with offices in Hong Kong and the U.S. Steimle was recently recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 50 Online Marketing Influencers To Watch in 2016. 


May 4, 2018, 1:50 am ( 40 Min)
Could writing for Forbes, Inc., or Entrepreneur generate $5M in revenue for your small business? Land you a book deal? Send you to hang out with Richard Branson on his tropical island for a week? Lead to phone calls with Beyonce's dad and invitations to the White House? These are just a few of the real-life perks that have come to contributors to top business publications.

Josh has written for over 20 publications and has interviewed more than 60 contributors to find out how they they got in. From his experiences and those interviews Josh created The Contributor Roadmap which will show you how to get from wherever you are to landing a contributor spot at a top publication. Josh will then teach you how to keep your editor happy and leverage your contributor position (100% ethically) to your benefit. 


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