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Digital Strategy Boot Camps 
Lindsay Marder is DigitalMarketer's Managing Editor. Lindsay manages DigitalMarketer's content strategy, blog, editorial team, and Faculty program. In the past 12 months, Lindsay has generated over seven million unique sessions for the DigitalMarketer blog. She also has a publishing background, and has assisted in the ghostwriting, editing, and publishing of over 75 books in 50 different markets. 


May 4, 2018, 1:50 am ( 40 Min)
To go big with content marketing these days, you need a small army of content contributors to engage your audience with information they want and need. In this session, you'll learn lots of tricks collected over 4 years wrangling the DigitalMarketer Blog, working with 50+ content contributors and creators. Get the step-by-step process to build a content pipeline that produces click-worthy, shareable content on a consistent basis - whether you're a one-man band or a team of 50. The secret is setting up the content guidelines, and retaining key contributors, creating a win-win opportunity that transforms your business into a content marketing machine.

Dive into this session, and you'll surface with the fundamentals like ....

— Sourcing content contributors
— Creating editorial guidelines
— Outreach templates for influencers
— The 5-phase editorial process guaranteed to produce stellar content... every. single. time.
— Distribution strategies that get the words out and leads in

Get ready to eliminate blog stress and tap into the contributors gold mine.

May 4, 2018, 6:10 am ( 40 Min)
Before you crank out that next blog post, headline story or white paper, ask yourself a critical question: What is the purpose of the asset your creating, and what impact will it have on the business. The answers can be complex, but not asking those questions are the big mistake most of us make as we scramble to publish more for the sake more.

Attend this session to learn the art and science of creating intentional content that’s helped Digital Marketer zoom from zero to zillions of readers and fans, including the actual mechanics of sample winning content that serves a specific purpose that performs again and again.

Here’s a snapshot of the fundamentals we'll cover:
· The six steps content creation process ranging from topic to format to ascension and more.
· The five types of offers that convert best when crafted with clear intention
· The key to conversion success using the Customer Journey Canvas
You’ll leave this session with a sure-fire process to grow your fan base of loyal readers and transform more browsers into believers, and believers into buyers. 


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