Content Marketing Workshop

May 2, 2018, 4:00 pm (4.0 Hours)
As more and more of businesses put content marketing into practice, the race to be the best source for answers and information that can influence buying decisions is heating up, big time. It's now a game of perfecting the art and science of content marketing across all stages of the customer journey-- Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase and More. And that's where Arnie and Shana come in, two digital marketing PRO's leading the famous Content Marketing Masterclass workshop that's been showcased to thousands of marketing professionals worldwide.

Who should attend? Marketing professionals from any size business or agency, B2B or B2C, looking to learn the foundation, core principles and best practice for content marketing success.

Attend this workshop to learn the latest formulas for creating and amplifying content that can drive some serious traffic, leads and sales:

Why it’s vital to create content that resonates with your audience at different stages of the customer journey
How to strategize, ideate and create super-focused content infused with SEO best practices engage and perform
Where, When and How to amplify your content reach your audience orbiting at high speeds
How to create content that motivates customer journey progression
How to combine traditional and digital marketing for the 1, 2 punch you need for success
Get ready to dive right into this fun and interactive session with a workbook that's like a GPS for content marketing, packed with recommendations for tools, tips and templates to help with strategy, ideation and amplification. 


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