How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Content Marketing

with Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures

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You totally buy in to the fact that content IS the new marketing – but the rest of your company is not as gung-go. Your executives just don’t get it. And they’re not about to approve the time and funds you need to me content marketing work.

How can you present a compelling business case to them? How can you get approval for something beyond a 30-day test? Join the session and you’ll see:

  • Real case studies demonstrating the ROI for content marketing
  • Examples outlining how to craft your pitch to your boss
  • How to deal with objections
  • How to educate the executives on what content marketing is
  • How to prove the value of content marketing

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Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures, a search, social and content marketing company helping clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business. Arnie is a frequent speaker, author of two books including Content Marketing Works, and instructor for the Online Marketing Institute as well as the Content Marketing Institute.

What People Are Saying About This Session

“The content was right on target for anyone involved in a content marketing strategy from the agency or client side. I [got] good insight and valuable tips that are not necessarily available in the public domain yet.”
-Stephen Turcotte, Backbone Media

“Both novices and those already engaged in content marketing [gain] deep insights and actionable strategies to achieve success.”
-Amit Vyas, Digital Nexa

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