Creating Authentic Video Content to Build Your Brand

April 22, 2020, 11:20 am (40 Min)
Are you feeling that your video content is too transactional and disconnected from your audience? In a world where culture, mission, and values are hot topics for most businesses, it’s time to reflect this very thinking in your marketing efforts. That’s why more and more brands are shying away from scripted ads touting products and services in favor of authentic video content that earns trust and delivers on marketing goals. Attend this session and learn the secrets to finding authenticity through curation, experimentation, and ideation with your team; the starting point to creating a great video that performs. 

Learn the secrets and answers on how to…

 • Know what your customers want 

• Curate more compelling stories 

• Filter for the fascination with stories 

• Turn those stories into video content that wins 


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