Carrie Forbes

With a career that spans over 15 years in various marketing roles in both B2B and B2C organizations, Carrie Forbes has been a long time fanatic of marketing tools and apps to help her get her job done. She has learned how while some tools can be great for one organization, they can be virtually useless for another. Things like budget, size of team, goals for internal and external communication, and user adoption are all very important factors when making a decision.

Currently, Carrie is the founder of Gutsey, a cashew based protein bar company that focuses on low sugar bars with local branding and distribution. After starting Gutsey as a health and fitness blog, Carrie decided that she wanted to take her love for healthy food, combined with her desire to push others towards a healthy lifestyle, and bring it to the masses.

With Gutsey being a startup business that had essentially no capital, no customers, no sales leads, no brand, no processes and no employees, Carrie was forced to get creative when it came to growing brand awareness and obtaining and increasing sales. Carrie attributes her utilization of the free to low cost marketing tools that she uses throughout her business, that has enabled her to get Gutsey to where it is today.  


April 18, 2019, 1:00 pm ( 50 Min)
Marketing technology is changing the way we sell and market our products and service our customers. Core marketing tasks that used to take days or weeks now takes hours or minutes. Learn from a panel of next-gen marketers what tools they're using, and how they save time and grow revenue. Three very different panelist cover a wide range of tools, ranging from content creation to customer success to e-commerce promotion, and every size budget.  Brief MarTech landscape presentations by each panelist will be followed by Q&A's.

Here are just a few of the MarTech tools being discussed…

•Startup E-commerce: Partnerstack, Yotpo, Klaviyo, Cart Convert
•Content Creation: Canva, Lumen5, Waymark, Magisto
•Content Promotion: Promo by, Sumo, Mail Chimp, Mautic
•Growth Hacking: Sorry, you’ll have to attend to hear the magic!


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