Jen Morilla

The Social Girl Traveler 
Jen Morilla is the founder of a social impact travel blog called The Social Girl Traveler. She's been traveling the world with clean water-filters and dispensing them in developing communities around the world. She's impacted an estimate of 13,600 lives and she's been to 44 countries across 6 continents. As an influencer, Jen has been featured in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, The Huff Post, and many more major publications. Her expertise lies in storytelling and branding.


April 17, 2019, 11:20 am ( 40 Min)
With the highest engagement performance ranking in the social sphere(3.21%), you’ll need to include Instagram in your marketing mix for sure. But learning the ropes requires staying on top of the latest updates and hacks. And contracting the right influencers that can deliver on performance goals. That’s where Candace and Jen come in, covering all the bases to create high performing content, and leverage influencers the right way.

Dive in with Candace, Instagram marketing expert, and surface with the...

•Fundamentals of Instagram and the most recent updates.
•Highest performing types of content to boost engagement.
•Key metrics for Instagram's advertising platform.
•How to increase your reach, engagement & following organically.
Tune in with Jen, full-time Instagram influencer, and learn how to...

•Position yourself and your brand with influencers.
•Pick the right influencers to achieve goals.
•Align your brand with conversations.
•Contract influencers and manage the process.


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