Ryan Foland

Managing Partner 
As an global Keynote Speaker and Managing Partner of InfluenceTree, Ryan Foland helps executives harness the power of vulnerability and authenticity to build better, more relatable, more profitable brands. Recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top Marketer and named a Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur Magazine, Ryan is inventor of 3-1-3® Method, a discovery process that helps communicate ideas into 3 sentences, which is condensed into 1 sentence and then ultimately boiled down to 3 words. When he is not speaking, he is likely sailing. Learn more at


April 17, 2019, 11:20 am ( 40 Min)
It's likely that your clients are stuck in content marketing quicksand, most of the time. They end up tossing together a confusing mix of product preach or information overload, then look to you to make it work and perform. It's time for a meeting of the minds, and a better way. That's where the 3-1-3® Method comes in, introducing a new, proven process that empowers your agency to define with clients what they really do in 3 sentences, 1 sentence, and ultimately 3 words. With this small miracle accomplished, the marketing partnership gets better almost instantly, and performance arrives, on time.

Attend this session, and learn how to...

•Challenge your clients to the core, to get to the core.
•Put the 3-1-3 Method into action to achieve top performance.
•Make content creation easier for clients with a better aim.
•Increase retention rates and revenue on the bottom line.


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